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Eye of God History

Eye of God (EOG) is an old corporation in Eve, having been formed a few months after Eve went retail. The original members of EOG previously played together in the space-based MMOG Mankind. The name "Eye of God" comes from a Mankind near ghost ship, very fast and very powerfull. Reserved for internal use only by the developers of Mankind.

The first 0.0 region occupied by EOG was Curse. EOG went from there to Outer Ring on the opposite side of the universe. EOG was the founding member of the NORAD (New Outer Ring Alliance Democracy) alliance, when the formal alliance feature was added to Eve.

After a short withdrawl to empire, EOG then joined Xetic Alliance towards the end of it’s life. Several corps split from Xetic to form Ascendant Frontier (ASCN) alliance which laid claim to the Impass and Fethabolis regions. EOG was a member of ASCN, and resided in the Impass region.

Dirty Deeds Corp (DDC) had a friendly split from ASCN and formed the Axiom Empire alliance (AXE). EOG joined AXE and stayed in Impass.

DDC and EOG built up the Impass region, with DDC being more the military power of the alliance, and EOG more the economic power. EOG deployed three outposts in Impass. The first was a Minmatar refinery, the second was an Amarr factory, and the third was a Caldari research outpost. We had these three outposts in the same constellation as we were preparing for the rumored new feature of constellation sovereignly.

At the time of the BOB war against ASCN, AXE was attacked by Against All Authorities (.-A-.). This was prior to defensive mechanisms now in Eve such as cyno jammers and jump bridges. Both wars were eventually lost at about the same time.

When EOG left AXE and withdrew to empire to regroup, we lost most of our PvP players. (Most of these ex-members ended up in the PURE alliance.) EOG took the opportunity to purchase an outpost in the drone regions at B-7LYC. We formed the new X-PACT alliance and admitted most of the corporations resident in that area. However, without our previous PvP base, we knew that we could not defend this outpost if seriously attacked, so we asked around to see who would want to buy it. We took the offer from OXIDE alliance who was nearby and using the station anyway as they had none of their own.

Most EOG again withdrew to empire, but several of our PvP’ers stayed at B-7LYC. It was at this point that AWECO (whom we knew from ASCN) first contacted EOG about joining with Intrepid Crossing alliance (IRC). Because our remaining PvP’ers were still enjoying B-7, EOG disbanded X-PACT and joined OXIDE. We stayed with OXIDE to help defend against attacks by SMASH and Roadkill until OXIDE was eventually overrun. The B-7 outpost was taken over by Atlas Alliance, who were friends of SMASH and Roadkill. EOG then left OXIDE to join IRC.

After over a year of good times in the drone regions with Intrepid Crossing, the BOB/GoonSwarm war in the south ended. GoonSwarm then joined with their friends Red Alliance and xXDEATHXx alliance and attacked the territory of IRC and their friends Etherial Dawn (ED) alliance. IRC and ED held out months longer than everyone had expected, but eventually were defeated and pushed out of their home.

Many of the corporations then left IRC, as did EOG. EOG spent about a month in empire exploring its options to return to 0.0. We decided to join the Wildly Inappropriate (WI.) alliance which inhabited most of the Geminate region.

With the release of the Dominion expansion, changes in tech 2 manufacturing made moon minerals only found in the north (and in Geminate) much more valuable. This encouraged alliances poor in these minerals to invade Geminate. After a long defense by the Northern Coalition, Atlas Alliance, Red Alliance, and Solar Fleet managed to evict WI from Geminate.

EOG then moved south, and was a member of Systematic-Chaos alliance in the Esoteria region of 0.0 until attacks by Stain Empire and Coven forced leadership changes and a reformation of Systematic-Chaos that shed most of its membership, including EOG. EOG then became a member of the Black Star Alliance inhabiting the Fountain region.

At EOG we have trimmed our membership number so that we do not appear to be bigger than we are. We are not actively recruiting, but we continually attract previous members who have looked around Eve and concluded that there is nothing better than EOG. We do have some casual players in EOG, but for the most part we are a group of high skill point members who have been together for a long time and have done most everything that Eve has to offer.

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